The BARDOU Foundation aims to change a girl’s and young woman’s future, by providing them with the tools to work their way towards self-empowerment and confidence. The foundation donates to charities that benefit women and girls in the area of self-improvement and education within the beauty industry. E.g awarding grants to young women whose only impediment to entering the beauty industry is a lack of funds or resources.

Creating Opportunities After Training

After our grantees complete their training, we continue to support their economic empowerment by connecting them to financial services, advanced business and vocational training, and support networks to increase their ability to earn, save, and access capital. We also aim to employ them if the opportunity arises”

The BARDOU Foundation helped me to increase my earning potential with a grant that allowed me to train on advanced hair extension techniques. I wouldn’t have been able to pay for it on my own, as it was completely out of my reach ”

- Olivia, 25, London (previous grant recipient)